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This strategy guarantees 30% more mobile app revenue.

Did You Know App Store Fees Are Optional?

Yet Apple made $15 billion from fees in 2019.

How much of that should have been yours?

The little-known secret is...

You don't need in-app purchases to make sales.

Netflix, Epic, et. al. don't pay App Store fees anymore.

Why would you?

Navigating your product around the App Store Guidelines is THE trick to making this work.

If you'd like to keep 100% of your revenue, you've got to think bigger than the App Store by following 1 rule:

Do: Sell access TO your app
Don't: Sell IN your app

Once you understand this strategy, it only takes 3 steps to 30% more mobile app revenue:

Collect customers on your website

Connect your app to the Customer Collection

Send Customers to your app

This strategy is THE quickest and most profitable foundation for a mobile app.


The App Funnel

30% More Mobile App Revenue

Stop the pain of losing 30% of every sale to unnecessary Apple fees.

YOU deserve 100%.

Daily Deposits into your Account

No more waiting 30 days for Apple to pay you just a portion.

Get DAILY earnings.

Presales BEFORE App Release

No more waiting months for App Store approval to generate revenue.

Make presales NOW.

Secure Customer Database

Customers funnel into your database to plug into any other app.

Get data portability.

Get 30% MORE Revenue

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